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Welcome to bearwithadeathlist.co.uk, the home of all things dark humor, dark comedy, and unconventional fun. Here you can find recommendations for various forms of entertainment just brimming with black humor, for those of us who appreciate dark jokes. Sadly, we have not had time to add new content to the site since 2015, and as things stand as of April 2021 we are not likely to add any new content for the foreseeable future. We will however endeavor to keep the website running, for now as an archive for history's sake.

Please note that in April 2021 we had to edit much of the content on the site. This is due to some of the links pointing to other people's websites no longer being functional, either because those other websites have undergone massive changes since we went on hiatus, or simply because Flash is dead and therefore you will find it challenging to play Flash-based browser games from over half a decade ago. We tried to hunt down alternatives where possible, for example we now have a link to the Flashpoint project on the Flash Game Highlights page which should allow you to play most of the Flash games recommended there.

Finally, if you have been here before and are looking for either the Koala Hunting mockumentary or the Mister Jake's Contorted Mind videos, please visit Con City Press where these videos are now hosted; if you like dark humor, you will certainly enjoy everything you can find on Con City Press.

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