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Dark Humor Highlight: Very Bad Things

posted Feb 5, 2014, 4:51 AM by Viktor Zólyomi
With Mister Jake missing/on strike/on hiatus/on sick leave/on vacation (take your pick) which surely has nothing to do with the finale of his last review, we thought we'd pass the time with a new entry into the long neglected Dark Humor Highlights, a review of the film Very Bad Things.

With a title like "Very Bad Things" the last thing you expect to see happen are good things. So when a movie going by this title opens up with the premise of a wedding and the inevitable bachelor party that precedes it, and its poster features Christian Slater standing beside the bride with a chainsaw in his hand, you just know that someone is going to die a horrible, horrible death. Dear prospective viewer: you don't know half of it. Read on here for more.