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07/18/2012: After a bit *cough* of a hiatus we're back with a vengeance. The vengeance of the space Nazis in fact. That's right, we're finally covering the European indie movie sensation known as Iron Sky. Can you say "space Nazis from the dark side of the Moon" without bursting out in laughter? No? Are you sure? Congratulations, you have a sense of humor and should thoroughly enjoy Iron Sky! Read more here.

06/06/2012: How do you cross Russian Roulette with an adventure game? Why, by locking a would-be knight with about two brain cells into a tower filled with booby traps, demons, bookworms, and a witch with a killer appetite, of course! Note, while the objective of this game is to find the exit, it's much more entertaining to take the wrong path. Just remember, don't try this in real life. Watch our review here!

23/05/2012: Today we're doing something special. We've covered a controversial game on this website before but this time we're not only highlighting a similarly scandalous game but we're also urging everyone who likes dark humor games to support a good cause. But we'll get to that later. First let's talk about one of the greatest games ever made. A game in which you not only have the option of running over pedestrians with a car, you are pretty much encouraged to do so. Banned in several countries and heavily censored in the UK (a game made by British developers, mind you), today's dark humor highlight is a satirical, over the top mockery of racing games which may or may not have been inspired by Death Race 2000. This is Carmageddon. Read more here.

09/05/2012: The following contest is a triple threat elimination match to be contested under extreme rules. Introducing first, from the quarry, the Rock. His opponent, from a notebook, the Paper. And their opponent, from your drawer, the Scissors! Llllllllllllllets get ready to rumble! Move over Mortal Kombat, the ultimate flash based fighting game just ate your soul for breakfast. Watch our review here.

27/04/2012: Horror is perhaps one of the toughest genres to mix with comedy. It can be done, as it was proven by magnificent gems like Army of Darkness and Braindead. While there are countless horror comedies out there, the slasher horror sub-genre is less often parodied for some reason (at least intentionally). Exceptions exist though, such as the movie Severance. Released in 2006, Severance focuses on the sales division of a weapon manufacturing company called Palisade who travel to the mountains of Eastern Europe for a team-building exercise. In other words, we get to see a bunch of guys in suits get slaughtered in typical slasher horror fashion. The perfect basis for a horror comedy. read more here.

11/04/2012: Happy Easter from with a review of Bunny Invasion Easter Special. Cue the corny oneliners,  load the rocket launcher, and face the Easter Bunny! Watch it here.

28/03/2012: John Dies At The End. No, that's not a spoiler. That's the title. Of a book. Yes, we're completely serious. It's a horror comedy novel featuring things such as a living drug called the Soy Sauce, a priest that can kill a demon over the telephone, a pair of protagonists who make D-Generation X look like serious people, and a hot chick with a missing hand. It's awesome! Read more here.

18/03/2012: Our respect for independent filmmakers grows every time we see a gem like Ninja the Mission Force. If you're familiar with Godfrey Ho's cut and paste ninja flicks from the 80s you will certainly appreciate this web series, but even if you've never seen any of those old flicks you can easily find a lot of viewing pleasure in this comedic revival of cut and paste cinema. Read more here.

14/03/2012: Today we review All We Need Is Brain, a puzzle game which lets you drown, shoot, squash, and blow up zombies. Watch it here.

29/02/2012: Before working on the upcoming awesomeness called Iron Sky (which promises to be the best movie of 2012), director Timo Vuorensola and his friends created another piece of awesomeness called Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning. The last and most well known entry in a series of Finnish Star Trek parodies, Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning is a tongue-in-cheek dark comedy parodying both the Star Trek and the Babylon 5 franchises. If you ever wondered what it would be like if Captain Kirk tried to conquer the Universe as a ruthless dictator while only Babylon 5's John Sheridan's long speeches stood in his way, this movie is a must see. Read more here.

22/02/2012: If you think growing mushrooms is an easy job you've never seen 30 bears lay siege to a mushroom glade. No, we're not high, we're just reviewing Mushroom Madness 2, a game where you must protect a mushroom glade from pretty much the entire forest. With baseball bats, machine guns, and grenade launchers. Watch it here.

21/02/2012: Our review of the full version of The Darkness II is finally here. So, is the game as awesome as the demo suggested? Basically yes. Though it's not a perfect game, it's the best we've seen in the past two years. Watch the full review here for details.

15/02/2012: You can't run a dark humor website without reviewing Dr. Strangelove. We knew that when we started and now the time has come for us to highlight one of the most beloved dark comedies ever made, Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb. Yes, it's a dark comedy about nuclear war. From the 60s. And it's awesome! Read more here.

08/02/2012: If you like epic boss fights you're gonna love this game. You play as a shark as you try to kill a giant crab who's armed with more weapons than Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando. Need we say more? Watch it here.

01/02/2012: If you've seen our review of the demo of The Darkness II then you probably expected this dark humor highlight. That's right, we're reviewing Top Cow's flagship comic book franchise, The Darkness. If you've never heard of The Darkness, this is one of the most gruesome comic book series in existence, but at the same time it's a humorous comic which relies heavily on dark humor to ease the tension of the dark storyline. Featuring an antihero who can create, among other things, armies of little gremlin-like demons from the very darkness around him and works as a hitman for a crime boss called Frankie "Kill the children, too!" Franchetti, it is a fine example of how to do dark humor right in the graphic novel genre. The Darkness is our number one favorite comic book franchise for a reason. Read more here.

29/01/2012: As huge fans of The Darkness comic we are proud to bring to you our video review of the Demo Version of the upcoming game, The Darkness II, which will in fact see a PC release, unlike the first game. In short, the game looks promising. Check out our video review to see what you can expect in The Darkness II. Watch it here.

25/01/2012: Vampires meet physics. Run for your lives! No, seriously, it's a fun puzzle game with vampires and physics. And werewolves that eat priests. Gotta love that. Watch it here.

21/01/2012: We're a bit early with this one but we were so impressed that we're not gonna wait until Monday with this review... It's been 9 years since the original Underworld movie and 6 years since the last time Kate Beckinsale played the role of Selene. Now it's January 2012 and the fourth installment of the franchise, Underworld: Awakening is finally at the theaters. Is it any good? Hell yeah it is! Read more here.

18/01/2012: Lesbian Vampire Killers. With a title like that, you'd expect an exploitation flick from the 1970s or 1980s, possibly without any lesbians or vampires in the movie. This one however is a much more recent flick and it does in fact feature everything the title suggests. It was released in 2009 and it's British. Yes, it's a comedy. Read more here.

16/01/2012: While Underworld: Evolution greatly tarnished the reputation of the Underworld franchise with a lame 16% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes (the original Underworld received a much better 31% rating), fans were apparently happy enough with the action to forgive the worthless script and Underworld: Evolution ended up a financial success. It was inevitable that another installment of the franchise would be filmed. In January 2009 we got Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. So, is it any good? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Read more here.

11/01/2012: For all you wannabe vampires out there, it's time to get some training from the Count in the game Vampire Skills. Watch it here.

09/01/2012: There is a slang expression people often use when trying to say that something is bad. The phrase is, it sucks. It seems painfully inappropriate to use this phrase in relation to a vampire movie, yet in the case of Underworld: Evolution we have no choice but to say that it sucks. Why? Good question... Read more here.

04/01/2012: The 1990s introduced us to a new and interesting variant of the classic myth of the vampire: Mexican vampires. While Mexican vampire flicks have existed since the 1950s the myth of the Mexican vampire got mainstream recognition only with the 1996 movie From Dusk Till Dawn. Read more here.

02/01/2012: Back in the old days when vampires were mentioned the first thing that came to people's minds was Count Dracula. Since then we've come to see a lot of different adaptations of the vampire myth, whether it's Anne Rice's romanticized take on the bloodsuckers or the myth of the Mexican vampires in flicks like John Carpenter's Vampires from 1998. These days people mostly think of the more modern reimaginings such as the girlie vampires of the Twilight franchise or the strictly R rated vampires of True Blood. Before these two, there was a different modern reimagining of vampires, that of the badass action hero vampire in the 2003 movie, Underworld. Read more here.

02/01/2012: Happy New Year from! This year starts off with a bang for fans of vampire flicks with the release of the fourth Underworld movie at the end of January. To celebrate this occasion, during the entire month of January 2012 we will focus on vampire related topics: every Dark Humor Highlight and Flash Game Highlight will focus on something related to vampires, and this month we will launch our first miscellaneous content on the website, a comprehensive review of the Underworld franchise. We will review each installment of the series every Monday starting today.

21/12/2011: Happy Holidays from! Worry not, we're doing this our way with a review of Hitman Christmas! Watch it here.

17/12/2011: Fairytales were the predecessors of what we know today as fantasy literature. While lacking the depth and complexity of fantasy literature, fairytales make for a genre that hasn't lost its popularity even in the 20th century. Just look at the popularity of the most epic fairytale ever written, Lord of the Rings. Now, fairytales are a classic genre aimed at a much younger audience than the readers of this website, so why would we possibly want to talk about them? The answer is simple: because of Neil Gaiman. More specifically, because of his version of Snow White. Read more here.

13/12/2011: Fed up with your job? Here's a real treat for you: a game about an office clerk who's literally dying to quit his job. Watch it here.

07/12/2011: In 1997 game developer Running With Scissors created a game simply called Postal. The game had a very simple premise: the player's character, simply called The Postal Dude, is evicted from his home and he goes postal about it. The aim of the game is to kill a certain percentage of the population on every level. That's it. With virtually no plot and a gameplay centering around slaughtering unarmed civilians and armed policemen who come to their aid it was no surprise that the game generated quite a lot of controversy. Banned by several countries and in general despised by people who had no sense of humor, Postal became one of the most controversial games in history. Then, in 2003, Running With Scissors gave us the sequel, Postal 2. Read more here.

01/12/2011: After massacring black pawns with a white knight on a chessboard, it's time to play as the black knight for a change. "Let's call it a draw!" Watch it here.

26/11/2011: If you think that the Lord of the Rings adaptation of Peter Jackson is said director's best movie, you're probably too young for this website. Why? Because back in 1992 Peter Jackson directed a movie so awesome that he has never managed to surpass its greatness. It is called Braindead (a.k.a. Dead Alive), and it is one of the goriest horror comedies of all time. It's also one of the funniest of all time, falling only second to Army of Darkness on our list. Read more here.

21/11/2011: Had enough of all the cartoonish violence we review on this website? This is your lucky day! Here's Crazy Chess, a game of abstract violence. Watch it here.

17/11/2011: Animated television series used to be made for kids. Then came Beavis and Butthead who appealed to a much broader audience with their sharp comments and often ridiculously violent humor. Back in the day there was a lot of controversy surrounding the series specifically due to the violence of the humor (not to mention the "Fire! Fire!" controversy). All that was NOTHING compared to the absurd levels of violence and controversial humor seen in the ingenious series called South Park, and that's precisely why we love it so much! Read more here.

11/11/2011: We've come to the infamous date of 11/11/11. To celebrate, we review the inappropriate, controversial, hilarious and satisfying Roadkill Revenge. Watch it here.

06/11/2011: The second Dark Humor Highlight is online. This time we're reviewing Army of Darkness. A snippet:

The 1980s. The golden age of pop music and B movies. When the three Johns (John Matrix, John Rambo, and John McClane) redefined what it means to be a badass action hero. When Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi gave us the Evil Dead movies. The 1980s were awesome, and many of its then-overlooked gems have become cult classics since then. Such is the case with one of, if not the, greatest horror comedies of all time, Army of Darkness. Read more here.

01/11/2011: The debut episode of the Flash Game Highlight is now available. Today we review one of the most infamous dark humor flash games ever made, Bloody Penguin. Watch it here.

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