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Ninja the Mission Force Review

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Our respect for independent filmmakers grows every time we see a gem like Ninja the Mission Force. If you're familiar with Godfrey Ho's cut and paste ninja flicks from the 80s you will certainly appreciate this web series, but even if you've never seen any of those old flicks you can easily find a lot of viewing pleasure in this comedic revival of cut and paste cinema.

Ninja the Mission Force is a comedic web series focused on the efforts of Gordon, a man working for Interpol who also happens to be a ninja, to thwart the evil ninja Bruce in his attempt to gather six avian ninja warriors (i.e. rubber ducks) and obtain ultimate ninja power to rule the world. That in itself is a good plot for an 80s style B movie, but it doesn't stop there. Ninja the Mission Force follows the formula of Godfrey Ho's cut and paste films, movies which took two separate films and spliced them into one more-less cohesive film. Godfrey Ho made literally hundreds of such movies, shooting no more than 10-20 minutes worth of new footage with his own actors and filling up the rest of the screen time with footage from oriental ninja flicks. Ninja the Mission Force does something very similar, splicing public domain footage from the most unlikely films into the series. Examples include footage with Orson Welles, Ernest Borgnine, and even Richard Harrison. The old footage is re-dubbed to match the storyline of the web series and features hilarious scenes such as Orson Welles' character strangling someone over a knock knock joke or ancient Roman gladiators talking like mobsters.

The newly filmed footage is made in the style of the parodied Godfrey Ho flicks complete with poorly synced overdubbing and lazy special effects (the lion in the third episode is in particular worth mentioning; she's our favorite support character by the way), except all of that is completely intentional here. Gordon and Bruce are portrayed by series creator Ed Glaser (of Dark Maze Studios) and our favorite independent filmmaker Brad Jones (the man behind the Cinema Snob), respectively, and they both do a terrific job.

Ninja the Mission Force is an ongoing web series which started just over a month ago. In the five episodes broadcast so far we've seen stuff like cheese ninjas, mobster gladiators, a zombie virus, a lion, robot ninjas, and many many more. We have yet to see the dinosaur and the space scenes promised by the trailer, but if what we've seen so far is any indication we can expect a lot of pretty awesome shit in the series. If you haven't already, check out episode one embedded below as well as the rest of the episodes on the Dark Maze website.

The filmmakers would like to make a second season at some point, so if you like the web series, show your support by spreading the word. We certainly want more.

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