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Carpenter Brut

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We're not really qualified to review music. We don't know much about beats and melody and rhythm. But we know what we like, so today, we spotlight Carpenter Brut, a one-man French band that brings back the 80s in style.

Electro synth music was a big thing back in the 80s, used not only by pop bands but also for movie soundtracks. Carpenter Brut offers a throwback to those days, and between games like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, indie films like Hooker With A Heart of Gold, and of course novels like Con City, some throwback music is certainly a welcome addition for those of us who grew up on this kind of shit. It's a throwback in the right way, too: it does it's own thing, bringing back the glory of the old days without being regressive. It's a celebration of a musical style many thought was long dead, but with the efforts of Power Glove and now Carpenter Brut, the whole world can see that the legacy of the 80s is very much alive. And we fucking love it!

At the time of this writing three 6-track digital EPs have been released, soon to be available as a compilation LP called Trilogy. 17 of the 18 tracks are instrumental while one breaks the mold by introducing lyrics and spices things up. We highly recommend it to anyone who loves 80s music. It's great stuff to listen to when you're reading a Con City novel. And rest assured, the Author of Con City will be adding Carpenter Brut to his playlist while writing the next Con City novel.

If you want a more in-depth analysis beyond “it's awesome”, check out the reviews below:




Or better, go to Carpenter Brut's youtube channel, pretend that it's a boom box, and press play.

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