Episode 32 - Kung Fury

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On the 28th of May 2015 the world held its breath with anticipation as an independent filmmaker teamed up with an 80s icon and scores of fans to turn back the clock and bring back the glory of the 1980s. The result? A 30 minute epic short film called Kung Fury. It's exactly as awesome as the title suggests.

Kung Fury tells the story of a war between kung fu master police officer Kung Fury and his nemesis, Adolf Hitler, whom the hero simply calls the worst criminal of all time, while Hitler, a kung fu master himself, prefers to be called Kung Fuhrer. And that's really all you need to know about the film, because if you don't like this premise, you're clearly not the target audience for Kung Fury. But, if like us, you think the above premise sounds like the greatest thing ever, you're in for a treat because this short film is an absolute blast, its only failing being that it's too short. It's full of crazy action, one liners, time travel, brutal comedic violence, giant phones, a kung fu master fighting Nazis in a 2D side-scrolling environment, and countless other 80s homages. The wet dream of any 80s fanatic.

Kung Fury was filmed mostly in front of a green screen and predictably relies on homemade CGI to render the Nazi army, the carnage, and the dinosaurs. Most of the effect work is trivial to tell from the real elements on the screen, and if the movie took itself seriously that would break immersion real fast, but with the over-the-top story and characters the world almost feels real even with the poor-looking effects (unless you're a film snob, that is). Considering that the mastermind behind Kung Fury, David Sandberg, filmed this work of art using crowd sourced funding (via Kickstarter) and this is pretty much his first substantial production, Kung Fury is in fact pretty damn impressive.

Special bonus for all 80s fans is the participation of 80s icon David Hasselhoff, who debuted his 80s-style song True Survivor with a music video based on Kung Fury barely a month before the film's  release. The song and the video are both quite good and are an excellent way to get hyped up for the movie.

In the month passed since Kung Fury's release the video has received over 17 million views on youtube and won over much of the internet community. Certainly it has its critics who hate it with a passion, but its target audience (including us) loves it, which is what matters. We hope that David Sandberg will manage to secure funding to make a feature length sequel, because if the ending is any indication, we can expect even more insanity in a potential Kung Fury 2: Wrath of Kung Fury (or some other cheesy subtitle). Until then, watch Kung Fury and enjoy!

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