Episode 22 - Intermission

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Before Colin Farrell was famous - well, before he did Alexander but after Daredevil, Phone Booth, and Minority Report to be precise - and well before he headlined one of our favorite films of 2012, Seven Psychopaths, and before Cillian Murphy played the Scarecrow in Batman Begins, and even before Kelly MacDonald voiced Merida in Brave, the aforementioned actors played together in an Irish film called Intermission. This flick is hardly known by the mainstream audience which is a shame as it's a masterpiece of dark comedy. Seriously, how can you not love a movie that features Chief O'Brien pissing on the shoes of Alexander the Great?

Intermission is kind of an ensemble piece with a variety of colorful characters whose lives intertwine due to various acts of stupidity. We have John, played by Cillian Murphy, who dumps the woman of his dreams Deidre (Kelly MacDonald) in order to test her loyalty, and then finds himself immensely pissed when she starts dating another man. Like we said, acts of stupidity. Then there's Ben, a reporter who wants to put something edgy on television and finds strange kinship with Detective Jerry Lynch (played by Colm Meaney in a fantastic performance), a borderline sadistic police officer who makes Dirty Harry look like a gentle person, and together they take to the streets to fight crime with an outcome neither of them expected. Then there's Lehiff (Colin Farrell), a petty thief looking to make some quick cash by blackmailing Deidre's new boyfriend who happens to be a bank manager.

Add to this mix a vengeance driven unemployed bus driver, John's sex-depraved best friend who doesn't know what excites him any more, Deidre's mustache sporting sister, John's stereotypical asshole boss, the Irish equivalent of Bart Simpson, and the bank manager's pissed off wife, and you can pretty much expect chaos to ensue by the final act. That's pretty much what happens, and it's hilarious.

Intermission Trailer

While certainly not as dark as the movies we usually highlight on the site, lacking both a mutant killer snowman and the body count of Seven Psychopaths, twisted humor is very much in abundance here. Whether it's the twisted culmination of Oscar's desperate search for a date, Detective Jerry Lynch's Dirty Harry methods, the bus driver's quest to take revenge on the kid that smashed the window of his bus, or the acts of violence perpetrated by Colin Farrell's character, Intermission spoils us with darkly comedic moments from start to finish. This film has everything you need to be entertained for 90 minutes: a good story, interesting characters, fantastic performances, and an epically twisted finale. And then there's Celtic Mysticism.

The music, man. Artistes, like Fainne Lasta, Raithneach, Amhann na Ngealach, Clannad. You like them artistes? Their music? Of course you do.

But we digress.

The important thing is, Intermission is a fine example of indie dark comedy, certainly the best Irish film we've ever seen and the best Colm Meaney film we've ever seen. Do check it out!

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