Road To Con City

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Following the insanity that is the novel Con City, we proudly present the next installment in the Con City franchise:  Road To Con City. More cheesy 80s style madness, more over the top characters, more dark humor. In other words, more Con City. Read on for more details.

Jonesy, a chain-smoker and retired professional hitman fed up with the world, spends his days enjoying the quiet solitude of the Con County savanna in his search for inner peace. His former employer, a shady arms dealer who calls himself Hades, asks him to deliver a pen drive to Con City. Finding himself in need of cash, Jonesy accepts the offer. Little does he know that the pen drive holds a weapon of mass destruction and he soon finds himself entangled in a web of deceit as a sick megalomaniac bent on world domination tries to bring all of Con County to its knees with the most dangerous computer virus ever designed by man. Capable of setting computers on fire, the Burnout virus and its enhanced, even more dangerous 2.0 version threaten to engulf the world in flames. All hope is not lost though, for the only thing more dangerous than a psychopath in possession of a lethal computer virus is a retired chain-smoker hitman on nicotine withdrawal.

Road To Con City is a dark comedy/parody taking place in and around the fictional metropolis of Con City in the early 21st century and is a prequel to Con City. Featuring epic levels of destruction, non-stop insanity, and a cast of no less over the top characters than the original Con City including both new and familiar faces, Road To Con City caters to fans of the original novel as well as newcomers to the franchise. Highly recommended for all fans of dark humor and fans of all things 80s.

To learn how to read Road To Con City, visit the following website:

As part of the lead-up to the release we also proudly present Rick Jackson's Hollywood, a half hour long short film based on the first act of the novel, documenting the efforts of an amateur filmmaker in the world of Con City to attempt to film the events of Road To Con City with the help of a greedy Hollywood producer. Please check out the trailer and the full movie below.


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Rick Jackson's Hollywood - Trailer

Full movie:

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Rick Jackson's Hollywood - Full Movie